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26 June 2015 @ 02:48 am
Adventures in Gaming  
Anyone playing Batman: Arkham Knight? I'd like some folks to fanbrat with :D

- I don't like Scarecrow's new voice. He sounds too much like Hugo Strange over the speakers. But hot damn do I dig his new style.

- Speaking of style, Zsasz still seems to be running around in the same clothes.

- As does Ivy, with the exception that she's done up her hair. (Something Victor would have trouble with...)

- Harley is so cute. For the first time I really like her style, even if I still can't stand her voice. (Harleen's is okay though.) Wonder why she's working together with Pengy. He stuffed her hyenas, fer Chrissakes.

- Riddler! Omg, you precious thing. Never stop being your splendid, adorkable self. Crawling around Gotham and installing racetracks. These Batvillains are the greatest.

- Are we going to see Deadshot and Anarky again? We're seeing Firefly (who was only in Origins) and Azrael, so why not them?

- Batracing! This game is like GTA and Tekken, only better, because it has riddles, and Batvillains. I love the characters. All of them. Well, maybe not broody Brucie too much, but still. Conroy's voice acting is amazing, as is Hamill's, but we already knew that.

- Joker! I was so sad when they killed him off in Arkham City, but they found an ingenious way of bringing him back while at the same time leaving him dead. I love his running commentary so much! Also, the Joker Infected. Why would the game want me to find a cure for them?

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Salmon Pinksalmon_pink on June 26th, 2015 10:33 pm (UTC)
Continuing from Tumblr, because screw their text posts, they're too fussy and long! XD

I got all the Arkham games after they'd been out a while, so I could get the Game Of The Year editions with all the extra content. I'm not sure when I got Asylum and City, it's been at least 18 months since I played either, but I got Origins for Christmas last year, so it's a bit more fresh in my mind. But apparently I've forgotten everything that happens in City, because I don't remember any of that! XD I do remember the underground cult/city place, but that's about all the al Ghul stuff I can apparently recall. Maaaaaan, I need to replay the series from the beginning

Oh God, I don't even try for trophies and completion and stuff, I know I'd drive myself up the wall! I did decide, randomly, to try for completion on Origins, but then there was some sort of glitch (which apparently is pretty common, according to Google) where it's impossible to collect all the Riddler trophies because the game doesn't register a certain area, even when you've cleared it. So I took that as a sign that I should stick to just breezing through the story and move on!

I suck at stealth. There's a certain point where I'm always like "fuck it" and I just charge at the bad guys. Especially if they have scramblers, because I like living in detective mode and taking down those shiny orange skeletons, it solves a lot of my vision problems

I KEEP FORGETTING THAT YOU CAN TAKE SCREENCAPS WITH THE PS4!! I need to figure out how to set that up, because cutie Dick sitting on piles of money DESERVES a screencap, you are so right!!

Also, I've heard some thugs talking about how the Joker apparently killed a Robin, but Robin's still out there, so they don't know if Joker was lying or not. Which lends even more support to our theory! ;) I love the change in random thug dialogue once the Penguin mission is active, so many random bad guys discussing Nightwing's merits as a superhero, and I'm glad to hear they consider him a real threat - usually Lone Wolf Bruce means every other member of the Batfamily is dismissed as being non-threatening and useless to make Bruce look better. Also, I haven't heard any gross sexual remarks about Selina, thank God. Heard enough of that in City to last me a lifetime!

I like to imagine people notice Eddie's shenanigans but choose to ignore him. I also like to imagine he giggles to himself while he sets up his trophies and traps, and people just sigh and whisper "leave him be, he isn't hurting anyone, at least this keeps him occupied". I LOVE it when he's all "HOW DID YOU - well, I - you must have GUESSED - or CHEATED - yes, that's it, you CHEATED - bluster bluster - well, the next one is REALLY HARD, so THERE!!!" Ooh, Eddie, you special snowflake

I want the Red Hood extension tooooo! But it was only if you ordered it from Game, and they were £10 more expensive than Amazon, so bleh. I'll wait until it comes down in price on the PS store, maybe tell myself I'm not allowed to buy any new content until I've replayed the others. But the season pass is a good deal, it's veeery tempting

I STILL haven't gotten to the Harley mission!! I've completed Two Face, done a whole bunch of other stuff, and I've just ... Umm, I don't know how to say it without being spoilery. Even though I'm pretty sure you're waaaaay ahead of me. I'm gonna try a spoiler cut, hope this works, but gonna keep it vague-ish too just in case: [spoilers]I woke the plant. Stopping for the night now, hoping to finish the main story tomorrow. I need to figure out how to take down those stupid helicopters though, they're annoying me

I LOOOOVE what they've done with the Joker. He's so fun like this, when he's just making bizarre comments and showing up posing against the furniture, although FUCK the bit that happens at random when you're grappling and you go to pull yourself up a ledge and he bursts into view, urgh, it scared the CRAP out of me!! I know there were complaints about Origins and how it turned out that Joker was the main villain yet again, so I think this way of having him in the game was a nice change of pace, and it's giving Hamill a chance to really have fun and let rip!
payasocrookedspoon on June 27th, 2015 12:53 am (UTC)
because screw their text posts, they're too fussy and long! XD
That's what I thought xD

Getting the GOTY versions was a perk of coming to the Arkham games so late, lol. I like additional content, but I don't like paying for it.

lol, I haven't actually completed anything yet. For example, I haven't even completed the Identity Thief (Hush) and Watcher in the Wings (Azrael) side-quests in City, and even less in Origins. Oops. But some trophies that are doable for an extremely Casual gamer, they're a nice incentive to replay a game. Ick, that sucks with Origins. Is that a general bug or one that happens only in some games?

I'm okay with stealth, I guess, but it takes so long. Detective Mode is the best thing ever. And now you can even navigate to your checkpoints with it! It's also neat that they're giving each playable character a different look to their see-though mode. I'm ambivalent about the Detective Mode in the Harley DLC, though. [Vague comment ahead, if you havent played it yet.]On the one hand it's a cute idea and the visuals are great, on the other I worry about the presentation of the character and mental illness.

I got my PS4 with the game, so I'm still learning the ropes. (It took me forever to find out where I find the goddamn map and the Wayne Tech stuff. Turns out the thing in the middle is button too! Who'da thunk? xD) Here's my first screenshot, because wtf? This is what the GCPD does with their time? And here's Dick. xD

Oh, Joker also discusses the merits of Tim and mentions Jason Todd, who was always whining and stuff! ;D I love the random thug comments in general. They always say how Harley's nuts or crazier than the Joker and how Scarecrow gives them the creeps or that he has issues (serious issues!) and how they prefer Riddle guy talking instead of Scarecrow. It all fills me with warmth. And yeah, it's great they're not just intimidated by the Big Bad Bat. Hm, there seem to be less sexual remarks in general?

Aww, yes, that's actually pretty sweet. (Except, he *is* hurting people when he sets up his Riddler Hostage Courses. I mean, those totally reminded me of Saw. I kept wondering does he actually try those out himself before he lets Batman do them? And if so, how fucking skillful must he be?) Or, "If this one's too HARD for you, you're allowed to look online for an answer. It just shows that MY intellect is SUPERIOR blah blah" xD Honestly, these games have made love all the characters so much more.

I read they want to make all the extensions available after a certain amount of time, so hopefully we'll get the things within that 6 month period.

Ah, yes, the plant. (It was very amusing to race through Gotham and take half its architecture with me when I had Ivy in the backseat xD I had some tank battles too.) I've got 41% of the whole game, have to check how much of the main story that actually is. But I'm still with Harley. I've only completed Azrael so far. I'm torn between wanting to breeze through the game (and have a greater basis to write all the fanfic!! xD plus, less accidental spoilers to come across) and taking my sweet time, because it's the last game.

I need to figure out how to take down those stupid helicopters though, they're annoying me
Sometime during the main story you're supposed to jump on some sort of controller drone where you'll get some access codes after which you'll be able to disable the choppers for a minute with your Remote Hacking Device.

Yay, maxed out the character limit. Behold my excitement xD
payasocrookedspoon on June 27th, 2015 01:00 am (UTC)
and he bursts into view, urgh, it scared the CRAP out of me!!
He didn't scare me as much as Manbat(?) did!

I thought it was really sweet to have some more Black Mask, but then it turned out to have been the Joker all along. (On a sidenote I'm very distraught that I can't find a picture anywhere of the scene in which Black Mask stubs out his cigarette/cigar on the Blackgate guard's eye. It was my favourite scene!) I've also watched a Youtube video about the 7 biggest DNWs for Arkham Knight, and Joker was one of them xD They wanted him to be dead, period. And I agree with that, but the prospect of having no Joker at all was kinda saddening. The Arkham Knight comics made me a bit hopeful though, [Spoiler (click to open)]when Joker's corpse still had a surprise in store for the coroners, lol. It's unrelated to the story in the game, but still, it gave you an inkling he might not be wholly irrelevant. (Well, of course he wouldn't be if Harley's in the game xD) And anyway, Joker is DC's cash cow, how could they leave him out? And he's so much fun! "When did Catwoman get to be this cute? It probably happened when I started looking out of your eyes." It's a lot of mindfuckery and it brings the "I'm you, you're me" theme between those two on a whole new level. I also love that this way they tie what happened in the previous game to this one, just as they did with the Titan virus that carried over from Asylum. I like it when actions have consequences. :D

And thanks for the podficcing permission! I'll be sure to drop you a link when I finish something :D

As for games, I usually get everything second hand and years after the release date too. If not for the Arkham Knight I probably wouldn't have bought a PS4 before the next gen was out xD I have a friend who'll be getting the game afaik. Her boyfriend has alread complained about the postponing of the game. But she's not so very into DC, so I can't squee with her as well about Eddie and Dick and the other guys and gals xD
Salmon Pinksalmon_pink on June 27th, 2015 04:06 pm (UTC)
I'm so the same! Like, gimme all the DLC, but I don't want to actually pay for it, urgh! XD

In City and Origins, I think I completed most of the big name side quests that had a story and a main villain, but not the smaller ones, and not the fiddly ones like the Riddler trophies. In Asylum, I didn't complete many, mostly because I wasn't used to the game yet, and didn't really understand them all - City was much easier to get into the swing of. But Asylum was also one of the first games I played on the PS3, so I might just have been rusty, since I hadn't played anything in a while up to that point. Also, I kept saying I'd go back and figure out the side missions later, and then I hit the point of no return in the story, so whoops! XD

Apparently it's a common glitch in my copy of Origins, enough that there were LOTS of results for it in Google. Don't know if it's across all the copies, though.

I don't remember much about the Harley DLC for City, beyond being excited to play as Tim, and constantly taking down streams of guards and waiting to get Harley alone, only to eventually realise they'd keep respawning until I took her down. XD But it rings a bell, there being unpleasant comments about her. :(

Oh my God, that stupid giant middle button!! I got my PS4 last summer when The Last Of Us Remastered was released, and I ONLY JUST realised you can also use that middle thing as a touchpad, like on a laptop, when you're using a keyboard! I got my PS3 after about 5 YEARS of dithering over whether to get it, so when the PS4 was released I was like "I'm not waiting this time, I'm gonna get it as soon as the first price cut happens". Which I did. ;)

Your screenshots are precious!! Dick on his throne of money! And I noticed that - well, the police gotta do SOMETHING while they're holed up in the precinct! XD

Oh my God, I'd forgotten how awful those Riddler things were in City, very Saw indeed! Glad he's not torturing innocent hostages this time around, although it still sucks that he's taken Selina.

I've finally done the Harley mission!! And on the one hand YAY HARLEY!! But [spoilers for Harley mission]she's barely in it, and gets taken down with one punch! And oh GOD, the stuff with Jason is just AWFUL. I mean, I get they wanted to make it clear why he's turned so sharply from the Robin ideals and is trying to destroy Bruce (assuming our guess is correct, but at this point I don't see how it COULDN'T be) and they don't want to use the Lazarus Pit excuse, but do we really need to see and hear all that!? DX I mean, it was bad enough they made us relive the Killing Joke stuff with Babs (although thankfully they didn't turn it sexual like in the comics) but the Joker had Jason like that for SIX MONTHS of non-stop pain?!? So horrible. D:

I've completed the Penguin, Two Face and Man Bat missions. Maybe some others, I can't remember. Man Bat took me FOREVER, because he's so hard to catch (and YESSS he scared me bad too). And at this rate I'm never gonna complete Firefly, because he's too fast for me - I've encountered him sooooo many times, but only managed to hit him once. :( Been taking down lots of tanks and towers, but I really need to crack on with the main story if I want to finish it by tonight. Just about to [vagueish spoilers]investigate the seismic activity. Still got about a third to go, I think.

You can squee with me as much as you want, I'll be here to squee right back! XD
Salmon Pinksalmon_pink on June 27th, 2015 04:23 pm (UTC)
Oh, I forgot to say! [spoilers for the entirety of the penguin mission]After all my happiness that they had the random thug dialogue referring to Dick as a threat and scary in his own right, they not only had to go and have him get kidnapped, but then he gets snuck up on by Oswald mouth-breather Cobblepot!?! Urgh, gotta make sure everyone knows Bruce is the best and his sidekicks are all hostage fodder. >:( But I do appreciate the random comments about Pengy's accent and how ridiculous he sounds and how he's probably never even been to London in his life, I giggle every time I hear that.

Urgh, waiting for my controller to recharge. The PS4 controllers have AWFUL battery life, especially compared to the PS3 ones.
payasocrookedspoon on June 27th, 2015 06:24 pm (UTC)
It's very funny how those spoiler tags don't work SHIT in the e-mail notifs, argh xD I agree about those comments. Also, the time Joker mimicked the accent! That was priceless xD

Those controllers are the equivalent to iPhones in the realm of mobiles.

I've actually completed all the riddles in Asylum. With a little help from Youtube. Because finding those chattering teeth took me forever. My first game on the PS3 was Injustice: Gods Among Us xD But I think it's kinda sad they don't have this awesome FreeFlow mode like the Arkham games.

Oh, I meant the Harley DLC for Knight, where you play as her. I kinda liked Tim's look with the hood up better, lol. Does he actually have close-cropped hair like that? I only remember images where all the Batbrats kinda look the same and only differ in height xD

lol, my PS4 told me I could it as a touchpad when I wanted to sign in to the PSN. I'm not much of a gamer so I was pretty indifferent to all those consoles. Although, because I used to play Pokemon, I have a lot of Nintendo stuff for someone who doesn't play much orz All these consoles are way too expansive and I'm cheap as hell. Though I thought "Screw it, I need this game and I'm not gonna be able to wait until next year to get it. It has Harley in it!!" So, now I'm happy although my wallet is on the brink of death xD

How did he manage to take Selina anyway? This "suddenly woke up somewhere" trope is too convenient xD Also, why are there no female thugs? You have female supervillains, but no henchwomen? How boring xD

So, I'm still in the middle of the Harley mission, about 67%. Just took out Christina Bell last night, but then I had to write shortfic xD (Boy, was this an insta-ship. I mean, a female Joker, How hot is that? xD) And this other fic won't let me edit it the way I want to, so there won't be much gaming tonight, until I've rewritten the thing. :(

Good luck with the main story! Also, since you're ahead of me now: wtf was this with Barbara? I don't actually believe she's dead. Why didn't Batsie take the body out of this fish tank and take her to Gordon or something? Isn't that what you normally do? NOT let the corpse rot somewhere? I actually expect that to have been a bad prank, but on the other hand, the games *have* killed characters, so I'm not going to be surprised either way.

ETA: Forgot to mention. LOVED working together with Tim to take down the Harley thugs. It's was a bit like the co-op feature could have been xD And Bruce being so supportive and his praise so abundant: "You're slow." Could've been worse, right? xD

ETA2: Just took out Charisma and had a look at the two Jason Todd memories. "I'm all right, Jas-Tim." Well, they could very well have taken the Lazarus Pit excuse. It was part of City, even though the one in Gotham was destroyed. But okay. I'm actually on board with the memories. It makes for a bigger impact than just hearing "he tortured me for six months!!!" or something. Then again. I like exploring fictional violence, and Joker's just having so much fun with it, it makes me go both aww :D for Joker and oh God D: for Jason. >>; ("I once had the voice of a soprano. Well, I had her vocal chords." << I love remarks like these. Reminds me of Hannibal xD)

Edited at 2015-06-27 08:28 pm (UTC)
Salmon Pinksalmon_pink on June 27th, 2015 09:29 pm (UTC)
OH MY GOSH, I'm so sorry, fuck, I'm SOOOO SORRY, I had no idea the spoiler tags didn't work in notifications, shit, I'm so embarrassed, I hope I didn't screw you over too bad DX

I'm seriously impressed you got all those Riddler trophies in Asylum and YES, those stupid teeth were so annoying to track down!!

I've never played Injustice, mainly because I heard really messed up things about the characterisation - I'm a big Supes fan, I don't like him being done wrong. Plus I heard what happened to Dick in the tie-in comics. But I've also heard great things about Harley and Dinah, so I might look into it. I know there's an edition with extra content, I'll have to keep an eye out

Oh, I haven't played Harley's Knight DLC yet! I'm gonna wait until I complete the main story. Yeah, I'm pretty sure Tim had the super close cropped hair in City, because I remember people online making comments about him looking like how they imagined an older Damian to look, more than any version of Tim. They've suuuper bulked him up, too, and he definitely seems designed to look older. But at least he still says stupid snarky shit like the Tim we know and love ;) Spoilers in the next sentence for the Christina fight, which I know you've said you've done, but just to be on the safe side: [spoilers for Christina fight] (I wasn't fast enough with Christina (girl took me by surprise) so my poor Timmy has a scratch down one side of his face)

I really thought I'd finish the main story today, but I got sidetracked by side missions AGAIN and now it's getting late and I've still got around 20% to go, so I'm gonna save it until tomorrow.

Before I got my PS3, I hadn't picked up a controller in a good long while. I still have my PS2, but it's been gathering dust. And I have a Wii, but I find using the controller tiring - my wrists are weak as hell, and I'm aching just from holding the PS4 controller, so you can imagine how much I suck at motion sensor games! XD But as soon as I got the PS3, I realised how much I missed it! I have so many games I never finished on the PS2, but between walkthroughs, youtube, easy mode, and regenerating health and endless lives and all other the other modern stuff, there are a lot more tools available that help make finishing PS3 and PS4 games possible, even for peeps like me who struggle. Finishing them makes them so much more fun! ;D

I got stuck on the third(?) Riddler challenge and gave up, so I don't know if it's revealed how Eddie took Selina. And I totally agree, there should be female henchpeople! Spoilers here for random thug dialogue, because I'm not sure if I heard it right and I couldn't stop and check because I was in the middle of a Man Bat quest: [spoilers for thug dialogue]I swear I heard a thug mention an all-woman gang or something - I don't know if they're actually IN the game, or maybe I imagined it, but I really hope I didn't

LOL I started shipping Harley/Christina the second she appeared! You'll have to link me, I'd love to see what you wrote!

The Barbara thing, urgh. I don't believe she's dead either - I think the game makers know they'd get raked over the coals for it. Barbara's so important to so many people, and they MUST have seen the backlash over what happened with her in the New 52. I mean, judging by the lack of sexual comments, they obviously listened to the complaints about City. They're not doing right by the ladies in this game, but I refuse to believe they went THAT far. I'm stubbornly holding on to the belief that it was a fear toxin hallucination or SOMETHING. Because you're right, Bruce wouldn't just walk away and leave her like that. And she was passed out when he got there, we didn't actually see the shot, and then she looked passed out again. I don't know, refusing to believe it, sticking my fingers in my ears, LALALALA CAN'T HEAR YOU GAME!!

Anyway, yeah, taking a break, charging up my stupid controller, and then I'll play again in the morning. Stupid addictive game! Although I HAAAAATE those horrid tank things that you have to shoot up the arse!! Who's idea was that!? I'm bad enough at stealth, and at driving, but STEALTH DRIVING!?!? Ffffffffffffrick! DX
Salmon Pinksalmon_pink on June 27th, 2015 09:40 pm (UTC)
Your ETAs, which I just noticed:

Oh my God, Bruce's 'praise' cracks me up so damn bad, he's such an ARSE! But yesss, that's the kind of co-op I wish were more a part of core gameplay, not just thrown in every so often. Both fighting the thugs in stealth mode and the puzzle solving with Charisma.

I agree, narratively the memories provide fuel to the story, but oh God they make me squirm so bad. Poor Jason. D: There's something about playing a game that I find more visceral and investing than watching a film or reading a book, and that's saying something because I REALLY get involved in films and books! I guess it's the interactive element, the way you're made complicit in events. So having to 'activate' the memories, having to watch, it's a hell of a punch to the brain and the heart. (You should see me try and play horror games - I love scary movies, but scary games leave me a WRECK!) I don't want to go too deep into the memories, because I can't remember what order they happen in, but there was one moment in particular I did find hella clever. You'll have to let me know when you're through the Harley bit, I don't want to risk accidentally spoiling any more for you DX

And yes, that soprano line did crack me up - Joker's a gloriously evil little shit, and I'm loving the obvious jealousy Christina and Charisma displayed over Robin's presence. Them writing him like he's in love with Batman makes their relationship so much more twisted and fun
payasocrookedspoon on June 27th, 2015 11:18 pm (UTC)
Don't worry about the spoilers. They weren't bad ones. I came across one in an AO3 summary that was potentially worse than all of our comments combined. Harrumph >( In a summary! Bitch plz.

The Asylum trophies weren't that hard? I mean, I had help xD Plus, you don't have to travel as far as in Origins and City. UGH.

Ah, okay. I've never been a Supes fan, and if I'm honest, I've only started branching out from the Batman franchise last year when I revived my crush on Harley. I've always liked her and Joker, but I've never really been down to getting to know the DC Universe, because there's SO MUCH to backtrack and I used to be a completionist, I liked to start at the beginning, like, read the books/manga first, watch the movie/anime second. But I gave that up. For one, I'm a super slow reader, and for another, those super old comics don't interest me too much. I've read the first Batman issue and the one in which Scarecrow appears for the first time and DUDE, they're HILARIOUS with all the bad puns and everything xD So, now I'm okay with starting just about anywhere, but all those interwoven story-lines don't make me a happy panda if you need to have read all the other issues of another comic. That's why I like the tie-in comics to Injustice, because they're self-contained. AND they introduced me to SO many characters, it's awesome. And YES, I LOVE Harley in the Injustice comics and I do so ship her with Dinah, lol. I may not have read much, but it's the best representation of Harley in a comic I've yet seen, apart from the old Harley Quinn comic (of which I've only read a couple of episodes). So, for me, as a DC newbie who's never liked this supergood superhero type that Supes represents, these comics are a treasure xD

Yes, mine has a scratch down his face too! I only noticed after the King fight. That's why Batsie said we were slow xD I'm also disappointed about how easily Harley went down. What's up with the ladies in this game?

lol, yeah, all of my consoles are gathering dust as well. Mainly because I've stored them at my mother's when I moved for the second time. My current living arrangements are not for forever, and since I hate packing and moving, I didn't want to take even MORE stuff with me. Plus, I don't own a TV. I just got myself a monitor with HDMI this month so I could play Batman xD and then I had my mother send me my PS3, because I initially wanted to replay some of the other Arkham games, but got sidetracked with replaying Revelations 2 xD

LOL I started shipping Harley/Christina the second she appeared!
I know right! I knew you would, too. (We're so predictable, aren't we?) So, I gifted you the thing (that's a hazard when talking to me. I love using the AO3 gift function xD) but just in case. I'm super-sad Henry killed the other Jokers. Here I was already imagining what a ménage à quatre between them and Harley would look like, and then they go and drop them. I mean, I knew they wouldn't last, but I thought they'd be cured, and that they'd be around a little longer. Oh well, that's a plot twist for ya.

So, I'm through the Harley bit (but only just. Maybe I'm back with ETAs later). Let's talk memories! They reminded me a bit of what the Joker did to - was that Tim? - in Return of the Joker. He also tortured and brainwashed the little guy to become Joker Junior. "Now he's mine." Couldn't just let Bruce have all the Batkids to himself.

Joker's a gloriously evil little shit, and I'm loving the obvious jealousy Christina and Charisma displayed over Robin's presence.
Yes. Oh GOD. So much love for that. "He doesn't love you!!" I wouldn't actually have thought they'd go "this far," but it's certainly great. (And now I ship Charisma/Batsie, great xD) Poor Harley, though. I'm always getting all the Harley feels when Joker's near xD but I guess it's okay for Mr. J to want the Batbrain to himself? Because Harley's got Ivy, too?

Sorry for the many edits. My English has hiccups sometimes.

ETA: Now I'm going after the Cloudburst, but honestly, those are too many mega drones for me.

Also, Tim's so quick-witted. "That last cell's for you!" NO WAY xD

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Salmon Pinksalmon_pink on July 26th, 2015 10:43 pm (UTC)
Urgggh, I suck - I did the thing where I forgot to reply, and then I kept telling myself I would when I got online again, and then it became A Thing where it had been too long, and I kept delaying because it was too long since I last replied, even though I KNEW that would just make it longer and, urgh, I suck. DX

Anyway, I take it you've played through the Batgirl DLC now? I haven't actually bought it yet, because I keep hearing reports about it being suuuper short, like as short as the Harley DLC that came with Knight, so I'm not sure whether to get it or not. I'd love your opinion on how much you enjoyed it, it would really help me decide whether to buy it. :)

The Honest Game Trailer was awesome, I love them so much, and that stupid Man Bat jump scare GOT ME AGAIN!!!

I have no idea how big my screen is, but it's not that big? Like, it's big compared to the one I had before, but small compared to the one in the living room? But I didn't notice the Harvey and Pengy stuff either. although, to be fair, during the Penguin missions all I cared about was Dick, so I wasn't even LOOKING at Penguin half the time! ;D But yeah, it was REAL noticeable on Ivy - maybe because we pay so much more attention to her, because she's so awesome?

I'm not sure if Infamous was an indie game or not, but it definitely feels like one at times. A well made one, even when some dodgy controls, but just lacking the bells and whistles you often get in games. Even ones from a fair few years ago.

Oh God, that stupid Elliot hospital riddle!! Like, I'm literally looking right at a sign that SAYS Elliot Hospital but noooooo, I have to be on a different level and looking at a different sign that says THE SAME THING!! Yeah, that bugged the hell out of me too! And I don't remember that glide and jump thing in Origins, but it makes me even more glad I didn't play the games back to back - it's hard enough for me to get into the habit of certain controls, but to have them randomly changed would throw me soooo much. Whenever I play a new game, I STILL keep finding myself trying to use the controls from the last game I played and wondering why the characters aren't responding properly! XD

I looooved that episode of BTAS! When Tim's walking away after Bruce almost tricks him into letting Bruce go, and Bruce is just screaming at him, it's so damn effective!

I haven't watched Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, although I actually think it's on UK Netflix (which doesn't have much anime). Yeah, shounen is funny like that. But it's always a real punch to the gut when the trope gets turned on its head. Like in One Piece - nobody ever dies, even bad guys can turn up randomly many story arcs later and fit seamlessly back into the plot, people can only die in flashbacks. So when somebody finally DOES die, not in flashbacks but in the main plot, and a popular character to boot, it's so damn heartbreaking and really sets important shit in motion.

Argh, I'm too tired to be articulate, I have to go to bed, but I wanted to actually get my shit together and reply before I did, so sorry if any of this is nonsensical DX
payasocrookedspoon on July 27th, 2015 12:25 pm (UTC)
Ugh, I do so know how that works. If I don't write back right away I'll forget and then it'll get harder and harder to actually do it, because oh no, it's been so long since the last reply. So I'm really happy you faced it and wrote back! :D

Yes, I did play through the Batgirl DLC (and I watched the Red Hood DLC because I want to write a story about him after the events of AK and am trying to figure shit out. It was super short, but the moves, man). It was short, but not as short as the Harley DLC. Somwhere in between the new and the old Harley DLC perhaps? I don't remember the Revenge one so well, so idk... It may have been an hour of gameplay and a bit more for the side stuff. You can actually get a couple more trophies than just the I Played The Thing one. It's fun and cute but if you were looking for something that ties in with the Arkham Knight story, no deal. It's a standalone both in content and in setting. There's an oil rig that has been transformed into a funland, where Joker and his goons have taken Gordon and some other police hostages that you have to save. You get to go off alone as Babs as well as fight in tandem with Tim. What I loved was discovering "the secret behind the theme park" thing. I didn't even know there was something like that (there's a trophy for that but I didn't look at the list until after I finished) and I found recorded messages from the previous owner while exploring the park. So that was pretty neat. And, once again, I loved the random thug dialogues. This time they were even better, because they kept talking about this one goon and what had happened to him and everyone had a different version of what happened! However, I can't tell you if that's worth 6 quid especially since you can just it on youtube.

I wonder if this Season of Infamy DLC that I heard about is going to be a bit more. I also read that WB wanted to develop a Suicide Squad spin-off game based on the Arkhamverse since 2012.

God, yesterday I fell into another Honest Trailer hole and watched some for the movies I haven't seen yet. Seriously, have a look at the Guardians of the Galaxy one if you don't know that already. The ending is brill.

Yeah, me too. I was so happy to see Dick with an actual voice role that I didn't care about anything else. Which reminds me that I had a look at Injustice to see whether he was there as well and indeed he was. I kind of forgot half the characters you could play with. But, lawd, the controls suck. They're super slow. I didn't notice it that badly when I first played it but I guess Knight's controls have spoiled me xD Anyway, the only thing I noticed about Harv was the scorched half of his suit xD And I had another look at Ivy in her showcase (the character trophy thing) and there I thought it worked. Plus you can see all the shiny little leaves on her skin.

I have all the showcases now except for one suit. I wonder how I unlock that one. (Probably some retail-exclusive shite) I'm at 100% of the main game now and have played a bit of the New Story+. Its difficulty is set to "Knightmare" and I agree xD Anyway, if you get all the Riddler trophies you can unlock tapes that shed a bit more light on some of the questions we had. Like, why are Crane and the Knight working together, how did Riddler manage to snatch the Cat, why was Riddler not with the others, etc? I listened to them on youtube before I ever got any of them. The Riddler tapes are entertaining. (Getting the trophies here isn't as much of a headache as it was in City, where I still don't have all. You just need a little help from yt at times xD)
Salmon Pinksalmon_pink on July 27th, 2015 09:33 pm (UTC)
It's good the Batgirl DLC isn't as short as the Harley Knight DLC, cool. I was just getting concerned, because it was being pushed as more substantial, but then all these headlines were saying it was no more than 40 minutes of gameplay. I liked the City Harley DLC, and the Origins Frozen Heart one (was that DLC? I don't even remember now), so it's a shame it doesn't quite get to those lengths, but oh well. Honestly, I probably am just gonna get it, because it's Batgirl, plain and simple. But I think I just needed to be more aware of what I was getting, so I wasn't expecting something more than it was. and it sounds fun, so yeah, I'll maybe get it this week, if I have an afternoon where I'm feeling focused. :)

Hopefully the later DLC is meatier, though. Is the Season Of Infamy one that one that's supposed to have loads of villains in? Because it really feels they couldn't do them all justice unless they made it a decent length. Ooooh, a Suicide Squad game set in the Arkham universe would be v cool, especially since they've already introduced a number of relevant characters (especially if they go with the movie line-up).

Hah, I do that, fall into an endless spiral of Honest Trailers or whatever else has caught my eye. In fact, I'm probably gonna end up doing that right now, after watching the GOTG one. Hah, the bit with Clark screaming. ...I kind of want to watch Man Of Steel tomorrow after seeing it, though. XD

Oh dear about the Injustice controls! Arkham Knight definitely spoiled us - after playing that and the lack of loading screens, I was getting super impatient playing Infamous any time it had to load. XD

I have hardly any of the showcase thingies!! I don't know why, I should really look up what you have to do to get them. Maybe it's because I have to play the game on easy? Maybe they only unlock on Normal or above? You're 100% of the main game? Does that mean you got ALL the Riddler trophies!?! If so, holy shit, I tip my imaginary hat to you! Hell, I would go and FIND a hat, just so I could put it on and tip it to you!! The tapes sound very cool, though :)
payasocrookedspoon on July 28th, 2015 11:39 pm (UTC)
Yes, the Frozen thing was a DLC. One of the reviewers mentioned that it was a more satisfying DLC than the ones we've been getting so far. I don't care too much about Mr. Freeze, but it was a good DLC anyway, especially since it shed some light on his background, if I remember correctly. So it wasn't only good, but relevant, too. If you're getting it, just remember that it takes about 3 hours to load.

Yeah, I hope so, too. I think it is, I haven't heard from any other DLC apart from racetracks and stuff. I've gotta say, racing through Gotham is actually fun, if it doesn't involve Riddler-type obstacles. And if you're well rested from all the militia hunting you had to do in the side missions, lol.

I still haven't seen Man of Steel. Or well, much of anything xD I still need to catch up with the latest Marvel movies. I think I might avoid getting sucked into the fandom, because it's too big for me now. So I can safely watch the movies without going, "omfg, must write." xD

Oah, loading screens always make me super impatient xD I didn't even notice what they meant until I played one of my other games. I mean, those reload screens got on my nerves too, and they counted as loading screens in my book, so.

You can get the showcases through certain Riddler trophies. It has nothing to do with the Difficulty, since unlike previous games you can adjust it while playing. Which is what I did when I kept dying one time too often xD I told myself I'd try the Batman games on Normal every since I learned that the trophies you get for completing the Asylum game are stackable, i.e. if you play on Normal you automatically unlock the Easy one, too. I didn't know that back then. So the last time I played, I tried out Hard, but I'm stuck in the first Bane fight, lol. And yes, I have ALL the shiny ridiculous annoying Riddler trophies. :D They aren't as hard as the ones in City. Most of them are just lying around somewhere and you just have to pick them up. A fun - but occasionally annoying - addition was having to race from a set of coordinates to the trophy. Mostly, I stuck to the rooftops, because grappling and gliding was faster than going by Batmobile.

Btw, I finally managed to read the Under the Hood storyline. Thanks again for reccing it, it was fantastic. :D I've also started reading The Lost Days, trying to figure out what I can translate to the idea I had for the Arkhamverse, or if I should just drop it entirely because it's not workable with both Joker and Bruce dead. The comicbook storyline just makes so much more sense. Arkhamverse is more like entitled brat with abandonment issues? Idk. I mean, shouldn't he have started hating Joker more instead of Bruce? I get headaches trying to unravel this.

ETA: Forgot to mention I recorded one of your ficlets (the cute one with Dick and Harley). :D

Edited at 2015-07-29 12:10 am (UTC)
Salmon Pinksalmon_pink on July 29th, 2015 08:46 pm (UTC)
Ahhh, I'm glad the Frozen thing was DLC, it's nice to know my memory DOES work once in a while! XD And thanks for the warning about the downloading time - I always forget how damn long that stuff takes. Especially when it's something you KNOW is reasonably short, rather than a full game. Like the Final Fantasy XV demo - it was just a DEMO, a small area to run around in and a minor boss fight, but it still took sooooo long to download and install.

Man Of Steel's a good film. It kind of divided fans, because DC continue their trend of their films being as dark and gritty as possible, and they definitely tried to apply that to Superman, with mixed results. I do get why people didn't like it, all the arguments I've seen are totally valid, and I honestly would have preferred something a bit more lighthearted and hopeful for my Supes, but I do still like MOS for what it is. And Henry Cavill is so fine, oh my god.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe fandom is huuuuge, holy crap. But in a way, that actually suits me. I just tinker at the edges, doing my thing, not getting involved in any of the various big name sections. In a small fandom, it's harder to just do your thing at your own pace because there's a more tightknit community, which is actually really nice to be part of but can put more pressure on when it comes to creating fanworks. I do NOT work well under pressure. DX The only MCU part of fandom I feel actively a part of is at Drabbletag, which is the case for a LOT of my fandoms.

Oh yeah, those reloading screens on Arkham Knight were a paaaaain. Like, I KNOW I died AGAIN, you don't need to show me the same few frames OVER and OVER, I remember the plot!! But at least we didn't have to suffer through those randomly throughout the game, waiting for new sections and bossfights to load up every time - that's something. ;D

Ooooh, I didn't realise it was the trophies that did it when it comes to unlocking the showcases! I assumed it was to do with story/mission completion, so I didn't understand why I hadn't gotten, say, the Two-Face showcase even though I'd completed his side mission. That makes a lot of sense. Uuuurgh, I didn't like the 'race from one part of Gotham to the other' trophies, but I hadn't thought to just jump out of the Batmobile. (I'm not too sharp, clearly.) You're so right, it's much faster to glide and grapple than fight those annoying-ass driving controls.

I'm so glad you liked the Under The Hood story!! Lost Days is really good, but you're right, it might be awkward to fit it into Arkhamverse. I don't know if it's specifically mentioned how long it is between Jason getting away from the Joker and the events of Arkham Knight? Like, Jason mentions being trapped in the Asylum with Joker for a year, I think? But I don't know if he got out before the events of AA, or after them but before AC, I'm not sure. But I'm sure you could fudge it any way you want to make it suit you. Maybe just take any bits and pieces you like from Lost Days to use, and discard the rest? I wonder if they'll do an Arkhamverse comic about Jason in the future, that would be cool. But yeah, in Arkhamverse it doesn't make a huge amount of sense that he hates Bruce but doesn't seem to care about the Joker. Like, the Joker's dead and there are whispers in the underworld that Batman did it - comic!Jason would actually be PLEASED about that. I guess it falls into what we talked about before, how once the reveal happens Jason's purpose is apparently served and we don't get much more decent story about him. If we saw more conflict in him, about the version of him Joker created fighting against the person he used to be, it would work better. But we just get 'oh well, guess I'm all better now because I've painted a Bat on my chest and saved Bruce's life, tralala'.

Grrrrr, I don't know what's happening, but I can't get on to AO3? Which is weird, because I only used it half an hour ago. Ooop, just looked at their Twitter and the whole site is down, shiiiiit! I'm gonna keep trying for the rest of the evening, because I reeeeeeally want to hear your recording! :D
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Salmon Pinksalmon_pink on July 29th, 2015 10:33 pm (UTC)
Oh my gosh, I got AO3 to work, and I LOVE IT!!! ♥