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23 March 2017 @ 10:00 pm
[list] February 2017 Fic Roundup  


Word count: 6,385
Fic(let)s: 12

! = Fic comes with Warning
Bold = Author's faves.


3. twist me around like a knife: Harley/Ivy (G; 250 words; 07 February 2017)
They got the update mid-flight: they'd be apprehended in Paris the moment they landed. So there really was only one thing they could do.

4. It was designed with you in mind: Harley/Ivy (T; 250 words; 08 February 2017)
Playing MGSV and poking fun at the male gaze.

Batman: The Animated Series
2. love is the contradiction of pain: Baby Doll/Harley (G; 250 words; 04 February 2017)
Really, you can't even kidnap people in peace anymore.

7. Dreaming up a world of treasures: Baby Doll/Harley (G; 250 words; 14 February 2017)
"If you could be anything, what would it be?"

Batman: Assault on Arkham
5. wish I had your elegance and your taste in sin: Harley/Killer Frist (T; 250 words; 12 February 2017)
"Ooh, sounds exciting. What kinda special services do you provide?"


10. could you be my model human being: Hinowa/Tsukuyo (G; 250 words; 17 February 2017)
When Hinowa is pregnant, Tsukuyo urges her to flee.

11. I'll slap your pretty face awake: Sacchan/Tae (M; 250 words; 18 February 2017)
It's risky business, admitting openly what kind of pervert you are, but then again, so is being a ninja.

Injustice: Gods Among Us

6. Manners as bad as her reputation: Dinah/Harley (T; 250 words; 13 February 2017)
Harley's looking for a drink and a bit of trouble.

12. so dire, so extreme, so unlikely: Dinah/Harley (T; 250 words; 21 February 2017)
Handmaid's Tale AU. Even an oppressive state cannot obliterate desire – it's the people within in that do the obliterating.

The Raven Cycle

1. blue as a gunshot wound: Kavinsky/Prokopenko (M; 3,635 words; 01 February 2017)
Artist AU. Proko knows he's a doormat when it comes to Kavinsky. It doesn't take a genius to figure that one out.


Marvel/Suicide Squad (2016)
8. magic tricks are good enough for now: Harley/Wanda (T; 250 words; 15 February 2017)
She reminds her of Vision, in a way. She is not afraid of Wanda.

Ghostbusters (2016)/Suicide Squad (2016)
9. Every breath I'm deeper into you: Harley/Holtzmann (T; 250 words; 16 February 2017)
"So, what kind of ghost problem are we looking at?"

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