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18 September 2014 @ 08:49 pm
[List] - Ladies Bingo  
A list of [community profile] ladiesbingo cards. For brainstorming purposes. Italicised text means I have an idea what to do with the prompt.

Last update: 2016-02-29

Round 2 (Sep 2014)
Takeout Information is given off the record Coffee Shop AU Alternative Professions Northern / Southern Lights
Action / Adventure Shadows / Darkness Diaries and Journals Graduation In the Tunnels / Under the Ground
Urban Spaces Virginity / Sexual Inexperience Wild Card Infiltration Aphrodisiacs
Coming of age Hurt / Comfort A Moment of Calm Contemplation Hey, it's that guy: Minor characters Crack: Elves, Pixies, and other Magical Helpers or Irritations
Tragedy Ship and Captain / Mount and Rider Unrequited Love Tired Body Swap / Body Share

  1. Coffee Shop AU: Pamela/Harley (Batman)

  2. Northern / Southern Lights: Sailor Moon - Haruka/Michiru (podfic)</a>

  3. Coming of age: Harley/Ivy (Batman)

  4. Takeout: Barbara, Selina, Ivy (Gotham)

  5. Hey, it's that guy: Minor characters: Selina, Ivy, Harley (Gotham)

  6. Unrequited Love: Harley & sister (Injustice: Gods Among Us)

  7. Hurt / Comfort: Harley/Dinah (Injustice: Gods Among Us)

  8. Alternative Professions: Harley/Carrie (Arrow - T; 500w; 2015-07-17)

  9. Tragedy: Hayley/Bianca (Thrillkiller - T; 1800w; 2015-07-31)

  10. Shadows / Darkness: Harley+Tatsu (Suicide Squad - T; 500w; 2015-08-07)

  11. Action / Adventure: Harley/Ivy (Batman: Arkham Knight - T; 500w; 2015-08-08)

Honourary mentions (because I noticed too late fills have to be at least 500 words long)
  1. Tired: Batman - Harley/Ivy
  2. Coming of age: Arrow - Sara/Laurel
  3. Action: Arrow - Harley/Sara
  4. Hurt / Comfort: Arrow - Nyssa/Felicity
  5. Tragedy: Batman - Harley/Ivy
  6. Alternative Professions: Bleach - Yoruichi/Soifon
  7. Information is given off the record: Arrow - Waller/Harley
  8. Shadows / Darkness: ASoIaF - Cersei/Taena
  9. Crack: Elves, Pixies, and other Magical Helpers or Irritations: Batman - Harley&Selina
  10. Aphrodisiacs: Batman - Pamela/Harley
  11. Urban Spaces: Gotham - Harley/Ivy

Round 3

Lovers Child Endangerment Someone gets their Comeuppance Food, cooking and mealtimes In Public
Jealousy Ghosts and Hauntings Vignette Best Friends Standing Trial
Hopelessly Devoted Stream of Consciousness Wild Card Opposite Sides of the Track Five Things
Chance Encounters Dystopias Warm Blooded / Cold Blooded Personal Space Factories and other Industrial Spaces
Places of Work A Mystery to Investigate Festivals and Celebrations Office Mind and Body

  1. Office: social awkwardness (Arkham Knight: Harley/Christina, G; 2016-02-29)

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