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01 February 2015 @ 06:31 pm
[list] January Roundup  
January Roundup. Most of the drabbles were written for the IFD.


Overall word count: 7,913
Overall fic(let)s written: 16
Overall fandoms written for: 9* (well, not sure if all those DCU things count as unique fandom..)
Fandoms written for the first time: Injustice: Gods Among Us, The Dark Knight Rises, Batman: Arkham games
Fandoms written for the first time this year: all of them, obv.

*Can anyone tell me the function to count unique strings in Excel? I'd have less trouble with SQL...

Bold = author's favourites.


1. your body will haunt mine: Sara, Felicity, Laurel (T; 500 words; Jan 30, 2015)
The necessity of clothes shopping. For femslash100, prompt: "Arrow: Felicity/Laura/Sara - short skirt" & [community profile] fic_promptly: "author's choice, author's choice, a fun day out clothes shopping"

Batman / DCU

1. what to leave for poison: Harley, Ivy, Selina (G; 1000 words; 18 Jan 2015)
Cocktail night was supposed to me more fun.

2. Graveyard: A Substitution: Harley (T; 100 words; 26 Jan 2015)
The place has been cordoned off since the riots. She comes here to mourn.

3. the end of touristic choices: Selina + Ivy (G; 100 words; Jan 27, 2015)
What to watch next time?

4. the obsession I begin with: Harley/Joker (G; 100 words; Jan 28, 2015)
It took nothing more than a misunderstood narration and a suggestion of friendship for her to fall for his sparkling personality.

5. O you singer solitary – shut it.: Selina + Harley (T; 100 words; 29 Jan 2015)
Will Harley ever grow up?

6. glint of recognition: Selina/Jen (T; 100 words; 31 Jan 2015)
Jen thought art galleries were dry and boring and uninspired.

7. flashing off ordinary walls: Selina/Jen (G; 100 words; 31 Jan 2015)
Favorite artists

8. Calling on reason, fantasy, memory: Scarecrow/Harley (T; 2,500 words; 31 Jan 2015)
Don't you want a chance to avenge him, Harley?


1. at another age: Martha/Cpt. Gates (G; 100 words; 31 Jan 2015)
Victoria likes a good performance as well as anyone, but Boston Marriage?

The Flash

1. big damn heroes, sir!: Cisco/Barry (G; 100 words; 29 Jan 2015)
It's Barry's uncharacteristic bouts of self-doubt that cause Cisco's tongue to slip.

Injustice: Gods Among Us

1. the memory is no friend: Harley/Dinah (G; 100 words; 29 Jan 2015)
She used to like this show...


1. whatever we do together is pure invention: Laura/Abbey (G; 100 words; 30 Jan 2015)
Abbey is frustrated with learning.

Resident Evil

1. chasing the raven: Claire + Leon (G; 100 words; 28 Jan 2015)
Claire is looking for someone, and thinks Leon may help.


1. burning in the dark fires of ambivalence: Sherlock/Mycroft. Sherlock/Irene (T; 2,442 words; 16 Jan 2015)
Mycroft finds a secret Sherlock keeps from him, Irene receives an unexpected invitation, and Sherlock pays a visit to someone far away from home.

2. Liszt: Mephisto Waltz No. 1, S.514: Sherlock (G; 221 words; 31 Jan 2015)
Independence has a price. Sherlock learns that soon enough when he moves into his first apartment.

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