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20 January 2015 @ 04:18 am
[List] Dec Roundup + Jan Anniversaries  
December Roundup and upcoming fic birthdays


Overall word count: 5631
Overall fic(let)s written: 8
Overall fandoms written for: 3*
Fandoms written for the first time: The Flash

*Can anyone tell me the function to count unique strings in Excel? I'd have less trouble with SQL...

Overall podfic length: 00:33:35
Overall podfics posted: 2
Overall fandoms recorded for: 2
Fandoms recorded for the first time: Batman (Movies - Nolan), Gotham


1. planning out your destruction: Harley/Deadshot (T; 165 words; 4 Dec 2014)
Harley's not happy with this mission.

2. What's there to talk about?: Tommy/Oliver (T; 2,266 words; 17 Dec 2014)
Sometimes, trying to clear the air only makes matters worse. Swap of Joy fic for haldoor.

Batman: The Animated Series

1. Harley's Holiday Hijinks: Harley/Ivy (G)
1.1 the range and limits of violence (200; 2 Dec 2014)
1.2 without tenderness, we are all in hell (250; 3 Dec 2014)
1.3 with a certain mission (250; 4 Dec 2014)
1.4 the surface of your words (250; 4 Dec 2014)
1.5 tba (500; 7 Dec 2014)
Tree-trimming and its aftermath.

Batman (Movies - Nolan)

1. [Podfic] Sessions: Crane/Harleen (E; 28:35; 31 Dec 2014)

In which Harleen attempts to raise her grade, Dr. Crane needs someone to experiment on, and Scarecrow gets sick of waiting around for Jonathan to do something.

The Flash

1. years of you a staircase away from me: Barry/Iris (G; 1,750 words; 20 Dec 2014)
He could have told her how he feels any number of times. Yuletide exchange fic for nocturnal08.


1. [Podfic] Sweet Danger: Bullock/Mooney (T; 5:00; 3 Dec 2014)
It was no secret, Harvey Bullock loved women.

Fic Anniversaries

Jan 01, 2009: Mi Manchi (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!; G; 100)
Jan 02, 2010: First Steps Into a New World (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!; G; 450)
Jan 03, 2010: Children of the Hunt (Katekyo Hitman Reborn!; PG-13; 350)
Jan 04, 2012: hand-tinted faces of history (Senkou no Night Raid; PG; 567)

Jan 08, 2009: Picture Perfect (Prince of Tennis; PG-13; 1,111)

Jan 13, 2009: Santa Inc. (Prince of Tennis; NC-17; 12,826)

Jan 15, 2014: Haydn: Symphony No. 24 in D Major (Sherlock; G; 250)

Jan 27, 2013: To Bridge a Gap 5,000 Miles Wide (Prince of Tennis; G; 500)

Jan 27, 2014: Disillusionment of an Escape Artist (1/5): Sherlock, Mycroft (Sherlock; PG-13; 5,560)
What is expected is not always what is accepted. At least not by everyone. In which young Sherlock has to come to terms with his brother's intention to marry (but doesn't).

Ahem. Still not much of an update on that one. Too much other stuff to do first. That pattern never changes. orz

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