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01 May 2015 @ 06:25 am
[list] April Roundup  
I was rather surprised I hadn't written more, although looking at the wordcount it's my best month yet.


Overall word count: 15,528
Overall fic(let)s written: 12, 2 of which are drabbles
Overall fandoms written for: 3, although I'm listing Constantine under DCU/Batman since it's a crossover
Fandoms written for the first time: Constantine
Fandoms written for the first time this year: -

*Can anyone tell me the function to count unique strings in Excel? I'd have less trouble with SQL...

! = Fanworks come with Warnings
Bold = author's favourites.


1. I could hardly wait: Harley Quinn/Felicity Smoak
Harley pays a visit to the cute IT chick.
1.3 monkey-wrenched (T; 100 words; 11 Apr 2015)

2. a few bombs and bad weather: Harley Quinn/Carrie Cutter (G; 250 words; 11 Apr 2015)
Harley pays a visit to the cute IT chick.
2.1 the difference between love and death (G; 250 words; 11 Apr 2015)
2.1 we're not heroines (G; 250 words; 17 Apr 2015)

3. lonely hearts, violent hearts: Harley Quinn(/Floyd Lawton) (T; 822 words; 12 Apr 2015)
Spoilers for s3. Still needs editing.

4. as explicit as the action: Harley Quinn(/Carrie Cutter) (T; 250 words; 13 Apr 2015)
Harley inspects the envelope Lawton delivered. There's bound to be something juicy inside.

5. Home of the Brave: Roy/Thea/Sin (T; 1370 words; 13 Apr 2015)
Friendship also means letting go sometimes.


1. her and she and me: Jonathan Crane/Harley Quinn/Poison Ivy (M; 1280 words; 01 Apr 2015)
Harley is greedy and impatient and disregards other people's comfort zones as a rule. Otherwise she'd never get what she wants, right?

2. The Harlot (tilling my own grave version): Harley/Joker (M; 2226 words; 02 Apr 2015)
When Harley's accused by a rival of witchcraft, she finds herself behind prison walls, awaiting certain death with a roguish priest unlike any man of the cloth she has known.

3. Soiled Shoes (I do not seek, I find): Harley Quinn/Jonathan Crane (T; 2155 words; 04 Apr 2015)
That 'I met you last night when you were drunkenly patting my dog in my backyard' AU.

4. nothing more opaque than absolute transparency: John Constantine, Jonathan Crane, Harleen Quinzel (T; 5065 words; 05 Apr 2015)
Jonathan is suspicious of his new roommate. She is not who she pretends to be. He turns to Constantine to find out what she might be hiding.

5. Blunt Instruments (conseco ergo sum): Harley/Crane (T; 1580 words; 07 Apr 2015)
That "Hi, can I borrow your knives? Mine suck." AU

7. His confident guidance of passion: Harley/Crane
Her eyes are the prettiest blue, heightened in beauty only when drowned in tears. Harleen disagrees.
7.3 Chapter 3 (M; 100 words; 18 Apr 2015)

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