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01 October 2015 @ 11:15 pm
[list] September Roundup  


Overall word count: 2,500
Overall fic(let)s written: 8
Overall fandoms written for: 5
Fandoms written for the first time: Flashpoint, Batman: Assault on Arkham
Fandoms written for the first time this year: Flashpoint, Batman: Assault on Arkham

! = Fic comes with Warning
Bold = Author's faves.

Batman / DCU

1. cool as a—oh, leave off the ice puns already: Harley Quinn/Killer Frost (M; 250 words; 21 Sep 2015)
If Harley had ever wanted to know what making out with an ice cream cone feels like – one that reciprocates – she may have found the closest approximation.

2. Like a passion play, like a sacrifice: Harley/Ivy (T; 250 words; 28 Sep 2015)
Ivy has taken it upon herself to show Harley the care and devotion she so desperately needs.


1. contagion (a landscape of twilight and thorns): Martha/Yo-Yo (T; 250 words; 13 Sep 2015)
It's blood that leads her to the Joker, and madness that binds.

Injustice: Gods Among Us

1. A simple exchange of gifts: Harley Quinn/Dinah Lance (G; 250 words; 18 Sep 2015)
"Um, thanks, but you could have left them by the door. Instead of kicking it in, you know."

2. once and future pain in the neck: Harley/Zatanna (T; 250 words; 27 Sep 2015)
"Why does no one ever want to play anymore?"

Suicide Squad (2016)

1. Take the pain, take the violation: Harley/Selina (T; 250 words; 08 Sep 2015)
Sometimes, shooting porn just ain't enough. Sometimes, Harley needs something different. Pornstar AU.

2. shed the weight of our former skins: Harley/Tatsu (T; 250 words; 20 Sep 2015)
Harley never feels more freedom than when she's tied up. Pornstar AU.


1. Satin-ribboned suburban laughter: Hayley/Bianca (G; 250 words; 07 Sep 2015)
Lipstick kisses.

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