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03 September 2015 @ 02:09 am
[list] August Roundup  
Another late post, because I didn't want to share the second AK fic before I'd revamped it. In recent months, I've given up on that though.


Overall word count: 6,898
Overall fic(let)s written: 5
Overall fandoms written for: 4

Batman: Arkham Knight

1. All your dreams are about to happen now: Harley/Ivy (T; 500 words; 08 Aug 2015)
When Scarecrow's soldiers are about to accost Ivy, Harley steps in.

2. She awakes in the dawn and remembers: Harley/Christina (T; 2,211 words; 31 Aug 2015)
Christina may be cured, but the memories remain.

Batman / DCU

1. Fifty Ways of Tending to Your Amaryllis: Harley/Ivy (T; 2,288 words; 13 Aug 2015)
50 sentences, 1 pairing. (Well, apart from that error in the past and a few side-glances now and then, but there aren't many, I swear, maybe two or three, but that's all they were – glances; you know I still love you, right?)


1. Let the sparks fly, baby: Harley/Livewire (T; 250 words; 28 Aug 2015)
At this point, Harley's about ready to cry.

Suicide Squad (2016)

1. Take her for a spin: Harley/Tatsu (T; 500 words; 07 August 2015)
Harley cherishes the brief moments of freedom and the danger of being recaptured.

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