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04 July 2015 @ 11:16 pm
[list] June Roundup  
Another late fly-by entry, because I wanted to revamp a work which I didn't get around to as much as I wanted to.


Overall word count: 9,034
Overall fic(let)s written: 11
Overall fandoms written for: 6


1. clinging like webs spread overnight: Cupid/Harley (T; 250 words; 05 June 2015)
Carrie pays her friend a visit, knowing she'll need some comfort food.


1. Joys in another's loss of ease: Harley/Crane (T; 300 words; 04 June 2015)
Jonathan can deal with her pushing a lot of his boundaries, but this?

2. painfully green beneath the gold: Harley/Ivy (G; 250 words; 17 June 2015)
Harley had something different in mind when Ivy mentioned vacations.

3. A middle-class fantasy of release: Harley/Crane (T; 1,000 words; 30 June 2015)
Now and then, he catches himself contemplating ways of harming her.

Batman: Arkham Series

1. manage the miracle: Harley/Ivy (T; 500 words; 24 June 2015)
Harley breaks Ivy out of prison again, but Pammy ain't as happy to ride with her into the sunset back to Gotham.

2. in the cortex of things imagined: Christina/Harley (G; 250 words; 27 June 2015)
Even Harley couldn't have come up with the surprise awaiting her at Panessa Studios.

3. heat of her lungs: Christina/Harley (M; 250 words; 28 June 2015)
Harley could die from the sheer pleasure of watching her. Or, from the lack of oxygen, but that's a health hazard to be expected with Christina.

4. City of Fear (where all the monsters come alive): Harley/Christina (T; 2,121 words; 30 June 2015)
Behind the panoramas of onetime productions, she finds them locked away like animals in a cage.

Injustice: Gods Among Us

1. unpurged ghosts of passion: Harley Quinn/Dinah Lance (M; 1,042 words; 13 June 2015)
It's not always easy, but they've found a way of coping.

A Song of Ice and Fire

1. Between the dragons and their wrath (crispy toast remix): Rhaella (T; 2,021 words; 22 June 2015)
After fleeing to Dorne, Queen Rhaella finds herself with unexpected help in her quest for dragons.

Suicide Squad

1. To draw out the timid wild one: Harley/Rick (T; 1,100 words; 07 June 2015)
The waxing and waning of a crush on five Tuesdays. Genderswap AU.

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