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22 February 2017 @ 02:30 am
[list] January 2017 Fic Roundup  
Guess who's back? Not much to see here, though. January was a busy month.


Word count: 2,300
Fic(let)s: 2
Fandoms: 2

! = Fic comes with Warning
Bold = Author's faves.


1. I've turned seething into a hobby: Harley/Ivy (G; 250 words; 07 January 2017)
Occasionally, Ivy regrets having agreed to doing couple-y things like going on dates. Occasionally, Harley makes it bearable.

The Raven Cycle

2. Reality bites hard: Kavinsky/Prokopenko (T; 2,050 words; 08 January 2017)
Congratulations on coming out," Gansey says.
"No fucking way. Kavinsky's not gay."

A joke, that's all this is, but not everyone seems to get it and suddenly has opinions about your life and who you are as a person. Trouble is, you soon find you're not so sure yourself anymore.

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