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23 April 2017 @ 11:10 pm
[list] March 2017 Fic Roundup  
An entire month, with only TRC fills.


Word count: 13,765
Fic(let)s: 6
Fandoms: 1

! = Fic comes with Warning
Bold = Author's faves.

The Raven Cycle

1. I've tasted hell and it tastes just like you: Kavinsky/Ronan (E; 2,565 words; 07 March 2017)
Everyone knows that when you need someone to hurt you, Kavinsky is it.

2. your heart frayed and empty: Gansey/Ronan (M; 2,705 words; 12 March 2017)
Gansey wants to help Ronan, but has been drawing blanks as to how. Ronan has an idea, but never dared give it voice or thought. Until now.

3. Stay with me, I'll show you paradise: Kavinsky/Ronan (E; 3,010 words; 14 March 2017)
Kavinsky would never admit it but he can’t say no to Ronan. No matter how late it is, he’s there. Though he’s usually not this destroyed.

4. stealing like the tide across a map: Gansey/Ronan (M; 2,150 words; 16 March 2017)
The collar is heavy in your hands, heavy with the weight of what's being asked. You're aware that this could very well cost you your friendship, no matter what decision you make.

5. my tongue still misbehaves: Kavinsky/Ronan (M; 500 words; 18 March 2017)
"Answer me this: how much would it piss you off if I got into Gansey's pants before you did?"

6. a new kind of love your life has never allowed: Adam/Kavinsky/Ronan (M; 2,835 words; 31 March 2017)
Youtube AU, sorta. Or: Adam is trying to edit a video, Kavinsky has other plans, and Gansey interrupts them both by video-calling long-distance.

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