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06 May 2017 @ 09:42 am
[list] April 2017 Fic Roundup  


Word count: 9,740
Fic(let)s: 5
Fandoms: 3

! = Fic comes with Warning
Bold = Author's faves.

Batman: Arkham Knight

4. believing in a better world for no good reason: Harley/Ivy (T; 1,315 words; 18 April 2017)
It doesn't matter that Harley has two black thumbs, she really does try to make it green around her.

5. We touch, we hold, we keep one another free: Harley/Jason (E; 2,065 words; 30 April 2017)
"A regular gave me the idea. Asked me what I thought about fucking machines, as if he wanted to use one on me, but I couldn't really answer his question. I've never tried one. So, naturally I had to correct that oversight."

Injustice: Gods Among Us

1. here is a sing song of all the things you make me think of: Harley/Dinah/Ollie (T; 2,565 words; 01 April 2017)
Harley loves the spring, with its colors and feelings of love it brings out in everyone.

The Raven Cycle

2. It's lovely. I hate it.: Kavinsky/Ronan (G; 200 words; 03 April 2017)
Of weakness, disbelief, and growing families.

3. No sins as long as there's permission: Kavinsky/Ronan (E; 4,555 words; 15 April 2017)
"If we're gonna do this, I want you to leave Gansey out of it. Completely."

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