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04 August 2017 @ 07:25 pm
[list] July 2017 Fic Roundup  


Word count: 7,220
Fic(let)s: 7
Fandoms: 2

! = Fic comes with Warning
Bold = Author's faves.


7. the sublime is a suspension of disbelief: Selina, Harley/Kate (T; 250 words; 31 July 2017)
College AU. The obligatory "My friend dragged me to this party and I just saw my ex quick make out with me" AU.

The Raven Cycle

1. something burning on my chest: Kavinsky/Prokopenko (M; 3,785 words; 05 July 2017)
In which Proko is hungover and having a full-on angstfest before K wakes up and defuses it by being a dick.

2. You taste so bitter and so sweet: Kavinsky/Prokopenko (T; 500 words; 06 July 2017)
“I don’t want you to go.” To him hangs in the air.

3. with a cloud at your feet: Kavinsky/Prokopenko (T; 1,185 words; 08 July 2017)
Kavinsky has a lot of strange moods, depending on what he's tripping on, yet arguably there are none stranger than when it's just the five of you and he's trying out new pills.

4. Dreams are made for fools and sages: Kavinsky/Ronan (T; 500 words; 13 July 2017)
Childhood friend AU. The act of falling asleep: childhood vs. teenage years.

5. Everything that used to matter, don't matter no more: Kavinsky/Ronan, Prokopenko (T; 500 words; 17 July 2017)
"I'm dying, man. What is that?" He scrubs his fingers over his breastbone, just below his gold chain. "I tried everything. I can't make it go away."

7. Don't let me go; take me to the edge: Kavinsky/Ronan (M; 500 words; 24 July 2017)
The hour-long drives and restless nights turn your days into a haze of dream-like images, impressions, impulses, stuttering like a flicker book – the open road before you, the car thrumming beneath you, Kavinsky twisting out of the window beside you and whooping with the thrill of it, white tanktop fluttering around his stomach.

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